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Dynamo Dresden Classic football songs

One of the biggest clubs of Eastern Germany, since 1953!

2544 Dresden Dresden Sing it for Dynamo Afspeellijst
2726 U-F-F-T-A Party after promotion Afspeellijst
2775 Stand Up If You're from Dresden Otherwise you can stay seated Afspeellijst
2888 Sha La La Oh Dynamo We win everywhere! Afspeellijst
3935 Fight and Win The one who fights the most, usually wins Afspeellijst
11500 We Travel Sorry - no lyrics for this one either, do you know them? Afspeellijst
12838 No Crime Football Fans are no criminals Afspeellijst
13423 The SGD Is Back Promoted, check Afspeellijst
13526 I Had a Dream One for your mobile! Afspeellijst
15001 Dynamo Dynamo NEW And no one else Afspeellijst
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15212 Dresden Fight and Win NEW Top rendition by fans of Dynamo Afspeellijst

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