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The club of the people!

132 Blue and White Our Whole Life In this fanchant the Schalke fans sing about eternal fidelity to the S04. The perfect ringtone for every fan Afspeellijst
450 I'm Always by Your Side This is my S04 Afspeellijst
510 Coolest in the World The coolest club! Afspeellijst
1340 Your Kop Is Faithful to You Kurvegesänge S04 Afspeellijst
1556 Every Time One for your mobile! Great ringtone for every Schalke fan in excellent quality Afspeellijst
1562 1904 Atmospheric fanchant of Schalke 04 fans - an excellent ringtone Afspeellijst
1577 Ole Schalke We win everywhere! Afspeellijst
1604 Sing with Full Force A Schalke 04 fanchant in good quality and easy to sing along, the perfect ringtone Afspeellijst
1670 I Was Born for You Top fanchant of Schalke, the perfect ringtone for every S04 fan Afspeellijst
1963 The Number One There can only be one!A ringtone classic among fanchants Afspeellijst
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2524 We Are the Schalke Lads Pride Afspeellijst
2680 The Eurofighter Is Back Back in Europe Afspeellijst
3008 Southern Tier That's what it's like round here! Afspeellijst
3486 We're Going to Berlin That's where we're goin! Afspeellijst
3831 Singing Schalke A classic fanchant of FC Schalke fans and excellent as a ringtone Afspeellijst
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